Day 3: Memphis to Amarillo

750 miles
Tennessee to Arkansas to Oklahoma to Texas.
2 Sonic stops.
First phone call to Dad.

Long haul yesterday all on I-40! We had another beautiful travel day and minimal mishaps. It was officially Dillo Day; we saw 29 dead dillos on the side of 40. We’re also down to 4 states left on the license plate game. We also saw some (captive) buffalo and the hometown of Carrie Underwood.

I had high hopes for my recovery run in Amarillo as the Rock Creek bike path ran right behind our hotel. I failed to think about how far west we were, however, and woke to a completely dark city at 5:30. I have a rest day this week so I lifted instead. I knew I’d need some mental flexibility on this trip and am just grateful to have gotten any activity in.



Then there was that first call to Dad. Suzanne and I are lucky to have a Dad who has done everything for us our entire lives but it leaves us utterly unprepared for anything car related. This morning, Suzanne learned that the dipstick hole isn’t the same place that motor oil goes, which induced a call to Dad. He was impressed any oil went IN the dipstick hole then told us to just drive. We only smoked for a few minutes…

On our way out of Amarillo, we stopped at Cadillac Ranch. If you ever find yourself on 40, it’s highly recommended. The story goes that a local man bought a new Cadillac that turned out to be a lemon. When the dealership wouldn’t take it back, he buried it along the highway in protest. There are now 10 buried Cadillacs and people bring spray paint to decorate the cars. True living art!





Onward to Scottsdale!

Day 1: Burlington to Harrisonburg

Our first day was a lot like the first few miles of a rough run. You aren’t sure you’re going to make it and you question all of your choices. At some point, however, the remaining distance seems doable and you grind through.

We hit impressive weather yesterday including a lightening show that rivaled the 4th of July along with horrific construction traffic. All told, our “easy 10 hour travel” took us almost 13 hours. We arrived in Harrisonburg around 9:45, pulled out running clothes and went to bed.

This morning I got up bright and early to get an easy hour of running in around James Madison University. It was totally quiet on campus and they have TWO tracks. Unfortunately neither opened til 7:45. I was a little nervous as a Tarheel running through anything labeled Duke, but figured a dog was better than a Blue Devil.

The other highlight of the day included a text from Will that he’d locked himself out. Thank goodness for friends with big cars…

Today we’re headed for Memphis. Here’s to 12 hours on 81 and 40!






Inside Out Underwear



Believe it or not, this post is running related. It’s also underwear related, although I try never to run in the underwear in question. Anyway, at least once a week, I find myself with underwear inside out and laugh every time. It’s never not funny to have to flip your underwear while wearing business clothes and standing on one foot in a bathroom stall. Because why would you ever find out before you left home…

Anyway, about 2 years ago, I made a life decision that that markedly improved my quality of life, challenged my general insistence on perfection and made me far more likely to find myself with inside out underwear. What was this decision? I stopped folding my underwear. There. I said it. My mom is almost definitely disappointed in me, but at some point while working full time, training, coaching, taking pre-med classes and studying for the MCAT while doing laundry at the local laundromat, I found myself unable to fathom spending 20 extra minutes to fold my underwear. So I didn’t. I headed home and threw them in the drawer where they lived anyway and life went on. If it gives you any impression of how wound up I can be, it was one of the most freeing experiences of my life. I haven’t folded underwear since (unless I’m traveling, let’s not get insane) and it is a similarly amazing experience every time I realize I don’t have to fold underwear for 20 minutes.

So what do my laundry habits have to do with running? Letting go of perfection is really, really difficult for me. This quest for perfection spills over into my running. Of course, some elements of this are part of why I’m successful at running. Other elements, however, self-sabotage me out of workouts and races. If I have a bad repetition or mile, I’m prone to starting the downward spiral towards “I suck and will never reach my goals-ville.” I react to missing assigned paces almost the same as I would react to missing a workout. Bad runs can trip me up for the week to come because for me, not being perfect is unacceptable. I’m literally never happy with a race and barely make it across the finish line before I start picking apart what I could have done better.

Logically, I know that perfection is unattainable in almost any pursuit and most definitely in running and medicine. Emotionally, however, it’s still a daily struggle to realize that giving it the best I have on any given day and getting close enough is the best most of us can ask for.

What silly life “rules” have your broken over the years? How do your personality traits show up in your approach to running?

Friday Funny

I generally try to stay off of Buzzfeed because it is an amazing time suck, but this list cracked me up. #43 was especially special. I am incapable of running past a window without checking my form. It never looks as good as I hope and I spend at least the next few minutes vowing to myself that I’ll really work on my form.

Which numbers do you do every single run? Which made you laugh?

Friday Funnies

Here’s a small collection of the things that have cracked me up or annoyed me this week. What have you all read from the world of running this week?

Hysterical, spot on Buzzfeed article on post-college athletics. What, I have to workout alone?

One of my pet peeves. Do you run at stoplights? I’m more of a sit down kind of girl. But seriously, stop it. Your body doesn’t care.

And in the most annoying story of the week. First, some girl at the NYC half ran the whole thing taking selfies…of other people, so I think she did it wrong, but regardless, I tweeted at that time that it was obnoxious. It’s fine to run your own race, but don’t mock other runners and obstruct the course. I got over it. Then this girl decided to mimic her and one-up her and bandit a race while taking selfies and writing extremely insulting captions. The backlash was strong and instead of being classy and apologizing, she goes on to say “thanks for the pageviews!” Mark Remy at Runner’s World had a great response.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to watching the Carlsbad 5000 with a Grunewald/Hasay/Van Alstine/Martinez showdown and World Half Champs with my new girl crush, Lauren Kleppin. I think she’s a lock for Rio 2016, just in case anyone was wondering.

I see odd things at the gym every day. Sometimes it’s clothing choices. For example, can someone explain the cutup cotton tee shirt that shows off the sports bra? More often, I see people doing exercises that make little physiological sense. I recently said to Will that I wanted two “red cards” per workout, where I could ask a stranger what body part they thought they were working out. Nevertheless, this article cracked me up. It still doesn’t explain backwards Stairclimber, however.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen at the gym lately?